4112LCM Arrowick Lubricator


• Simple, trouble free design. It cannot be over-filled, and has greater bowl capacity which extends interval between filling
• Can be used downstream of 4 way valves because it accommodates reverse flow
• Bowl fills all the way to the top
• It can be filled under pressure no need to shut down air
• Tamper-proof internal adjustment
• Porous bronze oil metering diffuser introduces smallest possible oil particles to the air
• No small orifices to clog and stop oil delivery
• Automatically maintains air-oil ratio regardless of variations in air flow


Body - Black E-coated Aluminum
Metal Bowl - Steel, Black E Coated
Max pressure 250 psig
Operating temperature range 40 to 160 F
Metal Bowl w/ Sight - Steel, Black E Coated
Max Supply Pressure 250 psig
Operating temperature range 40 to 160 F
Recommended Oil - SAE 10 Oil or Lighter
Droplet Size - 3 Micron or Less


Pipe Sizes - 1 1/2"
Model Numbers - 4112LCM
Max Flow SCFM - 175
Bowl Capacity - 60 oz.
Dimensions (inches)
   A - 5 1/4"
   B - 1 1/4"
   C - 13 1/2"
Weight (lbs) - 6.0

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